Solana Price History

Solana Price History

Soon after first becoming broadly available to cryptocurrency investors, the price of Solana skyrocketed. Although the crypto launched in 2020, the price of SOL quickly elevated Solana past some of the most well-known and long-established projects in the market cap standings.

The Solana team raised $25.5 million in token sales held between April 2018 and March 2020. Only a single token sale was available to the public, with the remaining four reserved for private investors. In total, 185 million tokens out of the initial supply of 500 million tokens were sold in token sales, with the price ranging from as low as $0.04 to as high as $0.25 per SOL token.

Here is what the historical SOL price data tells us about key milestones in the token’s price history:

  • $0.22 – Initial investors were able to obtain SOL with USD and USDC during the ICO campaign – 8 million SOL tokens were offered at an initial sale price of $0.22 in late March 2020
  • $0.80 – The Solana token price surpassed $0.80 on the first trading day in mid-April 2020
  • $2 – The price of SOL surpassed $2 in July 2020, showing roughly 10x returns compared to its ICO price
  • $5 – Solana price reached the $5 price level in early February 2021, half a year after it started trading
  • $10 – The first time that the SOL token price reached $10 came in late February 2021
  • $20 – The price of Solana surpassed $20 in March 2021 during a broader crypto bull market
  • $100 – Solana claimed the three-figure price point for the first time in August 2021
  • $250 – SOL hit the $250 price milestone in November 2021, during a bullish run that saw many digital currencies reach their ATH valuations

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Solana Market Cap

The market cap of Solana stood at about $110 million at the time of the project’s Dutch-type token sale when accounting for the fully diluted supply and the ICO price of $0.22 per token. The market cap shot well into the multibillion territory shortly after the token started trading on Binance, Coinbase, and other major crypto exchanges.

Here’s what the historical SOL price charts tell us about the crypto’s most notable market cap milestones:

  • $100 million – SOL’s market cap surpassed the $100 million mark in August 2020, roughly four months after the token first started trading
  • $1 billion – The market cap of SOL surpassed $1 billion in January 2021
  • $10 billion – Solana hit decacorn status in April 2021, amidst a broader crypto market bull run
  • $20 billion – The first time that Solana coin’s market cap surpassed $20 billion was in August 2021
  • $50 billion – The combined value of all SOL tokens in circulation reached $50 billion in September 2021

Solana reached its highest price on Nov 6, 2021 when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 259.52. The lowest price since it’s ATH was $ 25.16 (cycle low). The highest SOL price since the last cycle low was $ 28.39 (cycle high). The Solana price prediction sentiment is currently bearish.

Solana’s current circulating supply is 354.91M SOL out of max supply of 511.62M SOL. The current yearly supply inflation rate is 17.31% meaning 52.36M SOL were created in the last year. In terms of market cap, Solana is currently ranked #3 in the Proof-of-Stake Coins sector, ranked #2 in the Solana Network sector and ranked #7 in the Layer 1 sector.